Getting to know sintered stone

Sintered stone is made of natural minerals as well, but the improved man-made production process turned sintered stone into a tabletop material that is resistant to water, heat, stains, scratches, chemicals and impact.

Unlike granite, quartz and marble, sintered stone dining table require less maintenance which makes them wonderful options for home and restaurants. Sintered stone is a good investment that will last longer while still looking absolutely stunning wherever it is used. You can put that hot pot on the table with nothing in between, unlike quartz tables, the surface might end up getting marred.
This is because sintered stone is formed at such high temperatures, it became fully-resistant to heat in the process. Families with children may also appreciate a sintered tabletopโ€™s scratch-resistant and stain-proof properties, especially when your little ones have minor food accidents and spillages at the table. Their clean elegance and simplicity have made them clear favorites in the minimalistic and modern categories.

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