Product Warranty

Our warranty will apply only for our study desk with mechanical parts. Mechanical parts will be the only ones covered in the warranty for 2 years.
Warranty will automatically be voided if damages was due to mishandling of the
customer. We reserve the right to inspect the item thoroughly before deciding on the repair/replace method. Customers may request the item to be serviced or repaired but it will not be free of charge ifย the item has been in the possession of the customer more than a month.

We make all effort that all items delivered to your home are brand new and are only assembled on the day of the scheduled delivery.

All products sold at the site does not come with a warranty unless otherwise stated.

Made to order items are non-returnable.


* Natural wood will normally have wood grains and or โ€œeyeโ€ marks which sometimes are evident on the wood.

* A bended metal will naturally will have a wrinkled mark on the bended area.

* Painted steel and or varnished wood or laminates sometimes will have unavoidable mark or tiny portion of imperfections natural to its characteristic and workmanship. Such imperfections can be retouched by using paint and or paint markers.

*Light scratches to the surface of the product or small discolorations on the surface.